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Active Step for Foot and Body Health

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With each step we take, our feet stretch, expand and spread on the ground. In tight shoes, the foot cannot complete this spreading movement because it does not have the space to do it. Active Step is flexible enough to allow for this expansion.


If your big toe does not touch the ground while standing, this is a big problem. Because the thumb must bear most of our body weight. If he is prevented from doing his duty, his neighbor friends will be too exhausted to support him. This causes various foot diseases.

90 Degree Angle

When we take a step, our toes flex at nearly 90 degrees. The shoe sole must provide this flexibility. Otherwise, this movement will be blocked. Muscles that cannot fully perform their duties begin to weaken structurally and functionally.

Equal Height

The heel of the shoe should be the same height as the front. It is already known that shoes with high heels are unhealthy. However, contrary to popular belief, shoes should have a “0 cm” heel, not a 1-2 cm heel. Because when the heel rises, it puts the ankle and lower leg in a restricted position.


Why Is This Shoe So Important?

Active Step barefoot shoes are designed to mimic the natural shape and function of the human foot. It strengthens your feet by reflecting the design of nature and reveals the strength and balance you never knew you had.

Unlike traditional shoes that restrict movement and posture, Active Step shoes allow your feet to breathe, stretch and feel.


Why Should Active Step Offering Barefoot Experience Be Preferred?

Imagine slipping into a pair of shoes that feel like a second skin, allowing your feet to breathe and move as they should. That’s the Lootz Active Step experience – foot freedom you can feel from heel to toe. No more bruised toes or sore ankles or heels at the end of the day.

These shoes give your feet the natural comfort they crave, and thanks to their lightweight, breathable design, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing them. Get ready to feel the feeling of walking comfortably with every step.



Large Foot Box for Superior Comfort

Designed with a very wide toe box, Active Step shoes allow your toes to spread and move naturally.

It relieves pressure and pain for those with bone spur disorder or other foot conditions that need extra space.

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Strengthen Your Feet with Active Step


This means that there is no difference between the height of the heel and toe of the shoe.

Wide Toe

Wide footboard, freedom and naturalness. Our wide toe box design respects the anatomy of your feet, allowing your toes to spread and grip the ground as nature intended.

Thermo Base

Experience the ground beneath your feet like never before. Our slim sole design provides a tactile connection with every step and provides the right protection while keeping you close to the ground.

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