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Did you know that 1 in 4 dogs experience anxiety and stress on a daily basis? If not treated in time, it can actually lead to serious health problems such as reduced appetite, destructive behavior and even a shortened lifespan .

How can we treat anxiety and stress in dogs?

In most cases, stress and anxiety can be easily resolved with better sleep in a safe and comfortable environment. This is where CalmBed comes into the picture . CalmBed is not only a bed, but also a safe place where your dog can seek extra security and comfort during anxiety and stress.

Why your dog needs a CalmBed

Counteracts stress and anxiety

CalmBed is made with raised edges, a design inspired by the dog’s natural instinct to seek shelter in safe and secure places. The high edges give the dog a feeling of protection and security, which helps it to calm down under stress and anxiety.

Incredibly comfortable

CalmBed’s filling consists only of PP cotton . This material is known for its incredible softness and comfort. The PP cotton molds to the dog’s body and this leads to a deep and comfortable sleep. Sleeping on a CalmBed is like sleeping on a cloud.

Soothes joints and reduces pain

The bed’s incredibly soft PP cotton molds to the dog’s body and soothes the dog’s joints and muscles , reducing pain. The CalmBed’s high edges also act as a pillow for your dog to rest his head on. This also provides support for the neck and spine. Which results in a painless and comfortable sleep for your dog.

Easy to clean

Keep the bed hygienic and extend the life of your CalmBed with our removable and machine washable cover. Each wash makes your CalmBed like new again. This makes it super easy to keep your dog’s favorite place clean and hygienic.

Become one of thousands of satisfied dog owners 

Give your dog the comfort and sleep he deserves.

Size Chart

 Size CalmBed’s diameter Lying surface Dog weight
S 60 cm Ø 40 cm Ø 0 – 5 kg
M 70 cm Ø 50 cm Ø 5 – 15 kg
L 80 cm Ø 60 cm Ø 15 – 25 kg
XL 100 cm Ø 80 cm Ø 25 – 45 kg

To choose the right bed size, prioritize your dog’s length (from nose to tail) over weight. Note that the sleeping surface itself is smaller than the bed’s diameter due to the high edges, which are approx. 20 cm. For example, our large (L) bed has an 80cm diameter, but a 60cm sleeping area. If the length of your dog is 65cm, you should go for extra large (XL) in size.

Follow these steps:

1. Measure the length of your dog from nose to tip of tail.
2. Choose a size that is 20cm larger than the dog’s length to account for the high edges.
3. Refer to the size chart above to find the best fit.

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