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The sophisticated Vevazen acupressure mat works directly on critical areas of the body, providing immediate relief from the pain of fibromyalgia and helping to activate the body’s self-healing.

Outer material: HIPS spike + cotton fabric

Inner material: Sponge

Size: 27″x16.5″x0.8″

The Most Innovative Solution For Your Fibromyalgia

We know that fibromyalgia can make every day a challenge. Perhaps you have tried therapies and pain relievers, but found only temporary relief.

This is where the Vevazen mat makes a difference. Developed after 15 months of research and testing, this mat offers a unique solution that combines targeted acupressure and muscle stimulation.

In just 2 weeks of daily use, you will experience almost instant relief and lasting benefits.

It is easy to use and effective: with just 20 minutes a day focusing on the most problematic areas, you can take back control of your life.

Vevazen mat

How It Works

Vevazen’s strength lies in its complete lack of side effects or contraindications, combined with its extreme ease of use: simply place the mat down and lie on it, targeting the areas of the body that cause the most discomfort.

Using acupressure technology, it increases endorphin production, offering relief to areas of the body experiencing pain and significantly improving quality of life. It also activates the body’s self-healing mechanism for lasting relief.

If you want to take your benefits to the next level, we suggest using Vevazen in the morning right after waking up and in the evening before going to sleep.

Vevazen mat

What Makes This Mat Unique

Now, you might be wondering: what sets this mat apart from the competition?
The Vevazen mat is covered with a unique design of rounded, painless spikes unlike any other mats on the market, which all have sharp spikes.

The sharp spikes of the competition, designed to stimulate and invigorate, can become an insurmountable barrier. Imagine seeking relief only to find yourself facing a new source of pain, a paradox that makes these wellness tools less accessible to those living with high sensitivity to pain.

Our rounded spikes, however, allow for the stimulation of the body’s acupressure points without causing further discomfort, making the mat a more welcoming and accessible solution for those seeking pain relief in a safe and effective way.

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